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As the pump flow rate is proportional to the speed the pump can be used for the dosing of viscous fluids such as additives and chemicals. The graco progressive cavity pump is a positive displacement valve that is used to move and dispense medium to high viscosity materials. The progressing cavity pump and its geometry a progressing cavity pc pump, or a single screw pump, is a positive displacement pump and therefore a fixed volume is displaced with each revolution of the pump s rotor. Operating and maintenance instructions progressive cavity pump. The one common feature being the sealed cavities with operational similarities like being. Moyno carbon steel sleeve on stator, stainless steel rotor typical pump speeds 68 rpm 680 rpm minmax 1. Progressive cavity pumps work by transferring liquids through small, fixed shaped cavities within the pump.

When requesting information, replacement parts or assistance, always specify the pump type and serial number indicated. Operating and assembly instruction progressive cavity pump 24h helpline. Each individual design is optimised to suit the specific application requirements, to guarantee best performance, prolonged lifetime and reliability. Progressive cavity pumps pcps are a special type of rotary positive displacement pumps, and were first introduced in petroleum engineering as an artificial lift method in 1970s. Moyno manufactures progressing cavity pumps, positive displacement pumps and sludge pumps. Operating and maintenance instructions progressingcavitypump. The totally sealed geared universal joints in the drive train have effected a major increase in progressing cavity pump life expectancy on abrasive fluids.

Thanks to their ability to handle viscous fluids, slurries, liquids that contain large particles, gasliquid mixtures and sheer sensitive fluids, the progressing cavity pump is a popular type of. Announcing sanitary progressive cavity pump at pack expo 2019. Apr 25, 2020 sometimes referred to as an eccentric screw pump or simply a cavity pump, a progressive cavity pump is a device that makes it possible to move fluid through a series of small chambers or cavities with the use of a rotor. The main components which determine the system discovered by professor rene moineau are a rotating part, called the rotor and a sta tic part, called the stator. Pumps and pump parts offered for sale by liberty process equipment, inc. Progressive cavity pump pcm use moineau technology in our progressive cavity pumps, to ensure they can operate at a higher pressure than other positive displacement pumps. Progressive cavity pumps are used to transfer products of low and high viscosity as well as products. Nov 29, 2017 a progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump that is adaptable to some of the toughest pumping applications and most difficult fluids. This month, we explore progressive cavity pc pumps, which belong to a class of rotary positive displacement pumps. Discover the advantage and performance of the pcm progressive cavity pump, perfectly suited for artificial lift production.

It has now been confirmed as very efficient for the production of large flow rates of light and abrasive oils. Progressive cavity pump,is a pump that transfers fluid through a sequence of small, fixed shape cavities as an helix shaped rotor is rotated. The progressing cavity pump pcp is a rotary positive displacement pump consisting of two 2 components. The rotor is usually constructed of a highstrength steel rod, typically doublechrome plated. The basic progressing cavity pump components consist of a rotor and a stator the configuration of which is given below. Moineau in his earliest design of the progressing cavity pump, variations of this design are still heavily used by the original licensees, e. A wide variety of progressive cavity pump options are available to you, there are 609 suppliers who sells progressive cavity pump on, mainly located in asia. Pdf the use of the progressive cavities pumps pcp as method of artificial lift of petroleum has came using in venezuela from the decade. Processflo offers progressive cavity pumps that are used for low to high viscosity, aggressive, or abrasive fluids. The rotor forms a single helix like a corkscrew and rotates eccentrically in the stator.

New progressing cavity pump npcp for multiphase and viscous liquid production. Progressing cavity pumps pcp oil well pumps schlumberger. Design tools and mechanisms for progressive cavity pumps. The cavity will move by wrapping around the rotor and progressively move towards the exit.

It rapidly gained an important place in the production of heavy oils containing gas. A single external helical rotor rotates eccentrically inside an internal double helical stator of the same minor diameter. The progressing cavity pump is a recent innovation in petroleum production. Progressive cavity pumps a progressing cavity pump is a positive displacement pump employing a rotor and stator assembly to create temporary chambers to draw fluid into, which progress through the pump resulting in the fluid being expelled through the discharge port. The rotor is a circular section single or doublethreaded screw with short or long pitch.

The pumps are available with conveying systems in four different rotorstator geometries, which means the pump can be configured specifically for your application. Optimal design of progressing cavity pumpspcp request pdf. Processflo distributes the most reliable and cost effective progressive cavity pumps available from the following manufacturers. A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump and is also known as a progressing cavity pump, progg cavity pump, eccentric screw pump or cavity pump. Sulzer offers a range of progressing cavity pumps for demanding positive displacement process applications. With over 75 years of experience, 8 international sites and global distribution network, we provide a range of pc pump solutions that fulfill many oilfield production needs. The stator or cylinder is formed as a doublehelix having twice 2x the pitch of the rotor. Click here for focus on fundamentals part one, part two, part three and part five. A stainless steel rotor and a rubber stator are the main pumping. The pump is selfpriming, with suction capacity proportional to its size, number of stages and speed. Our pumps offer very low shear operations, as well as being pulsation free, meaning they are ideal for any tasks which require a steady flow no matter what the product. The steel rotor and rubber stator are the main pumping components.

Article pdf available november 2005 with 275 reads how we measure reads. In the mid 1950s, the progressing cavity pump principle was applied to hydraulic motor applications by reversing the function of the progressing cavity pump. Progressive cavity pumps, also known as single screw pumps, are machines with a single rotating shaft assembly consisting of a steel helical. A progressive cavity pump pcp is a positive displacement pump and has been used as an artificial lift method in the oil and gas industry for pumping fluid with solid content and high viscosity. They are also known as an eccentric screw pump due to the motion of the rotor. Simplify production for wells characterized by highly viscous fluid and high sand cut with progressing cavity pumps pcps. We are also the inventors of the ezstrip family of products which provide a maintaininplace solution for the maintenance of. Applications progressive cavity pumps mn series the dosing pump with small capacities, continuous flow, low pulsations, no vibrations, very high priming and flow reversibility.

Progressing cavity pump systems weatherford international. The kiber nte progressive cavity pump is ideal for transferring whole or destemmed grapes. The rotor is formed as a single helix shape of some length. The rubber stator is vulcanized inside a steel pipe.

Centrifugal pumps develop pressure by increasing the velocity of the liquid liquid is literally flung out of the cutwater. Mxq is a reliable supplier of a variety of pumps and progressive cavity pump spare parts. Pdf new progressing cavity pump npcp for multiphase. The progressive cavity pump is an excellent choice as the fluid viscosity increases beyond the efficient range of centrifugal pumps. We provide unequaled technical expertise to deliver purposebuilt pcp solutions for your specific application. We recommend reading this manual and keeping it for future reference in a safe place near the pump itself. The progressive cavity pump is a positive displacement pump with one single rotating shaft. The rotor is a helical screw with an extreme ly large pitch, large thread depth and small centre diameter with round crosssection for.

Datasheets for progressing cavity pumps progressing cavity pumps are a type of rotary positive displacement pump designed to transfer fluid or media with suspended solids or slurries from the suction side of the pump to the discharge side of the pump, from storage tanks or through pipelines. Progressing cavity pumps pumping principle the allweiler progressing cavity pump is a rotary selfpriming positive displacement pump. There is a free space between the stator and the rotor cavity which, during the rotation of the rotor, will propagate from the suction of the pump to its discharge. The pcm moineau conventional elastomer progressive cavity pump pcp allows easy adjustment of production according to rotational speed.

Pcp systems have the capacity to pump oils of varying viscosities. Progressive cavity pumps are a type of positive displacement pump, also referred to as a helical rotor pump, a mono pump or an eccentric screw pump. These positive displacement pumps are engineered to deliver variable rates and constant head capable of handling various types of applications with superior sandlifting capability. This leads to the volumetric flow rate being proportional to the rotation rate. As the rotor revolves, material transfers within the pump through a sequence of predetermined, discrete cavities. They have smooth output flow and good selfpriming ability. Serving water and wastewater treatment, pulp and paper. Progressive cavity pumps have similar characteristics to rotary or reciprocating pumps, such as piston, diaphragm, lobe, and screw pumps.

The progressing cavity pump and its geometry a progressing cavity pc pump, or a single screw pump, is a positive displacement pump and therefore a fixed volume is displaced with each revolution of the pumps rotor. Pdf model for performance prediction of progressive cavity pumps. A beginners guide to progressive cavity pumps pumps. The information, specification and illustration are up to. It transfers fluid by means of the progress, through the pump, of a sequence of small, fixed shape, discrete cavities, as its rotor is turned. A progressive cavity pump pcp is a positive displacement pump type that can be used to pump a. Seepex is a leading worldwide specialist in pump technology. While it is a versatile pump that can handle a variety of jobs, it is perfectly designed for fluid metering and pumping viscous, abrasive or shearsensitive materials. The progressive cavity pump is a positive displacement, selfpriming pump with one single rotating shaft. Operating and maintenance instructions progressive cavity pump range mdp range sizepressure stage stages admitted pressure bar mdp 001524 4 12 003 12 2 12 006 12 2 12 012 12 2 12 this operating and maintenance instruction includes important safety information and instruction. This thesis presents tools to design progressive cavity pumps pcps, with an emphasis on lowviscosity fluids.

Allmetal progressing cavity pump and artificial lift. The progressive cavity pump principle is ideal for handling slurries, viscous, shear sensitive or two or tri phase mixtures or when applications require, significant suction lift capabilities. These can contain gases, abrasives, fibers and solids within the liquid matrix. The reason progressing cavity pump pcp customers stay with weatherford is simpleour pcp systems consistently exceed expectations. Nemo progressing cavity pump in fsip design in india. Progressive cavity pump spare parts bornemann moyno. These positive displacement pumps are robust in design and efficient in production. Types of progressing cavity pump pc pumps can be adapted and specified with a range of accessory components and configurations to accommodate the difficult fluids it is expected to handle. Progressive cavity pumps are a great choice in pressuredeficient, sandy and heavy oil wells. Our progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems are used wherever low to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media must be conveyed at low pulsation rates. Operating and assembly instruction progressive cavity pump.

Our pumps provide a near constant flow rate and suction lift capability for handling wastewater sludge, slurries, viscous and shear thinning nonnewtonian fluids. Because of the construction of the nemo progressing cavity pumps in fsip design the installers workload is eased and this enables savings in terms of capacities and costs. Progressive cavity pumps are widely used for handling and transferring of viscous and semisolid fluids across industries. These pumps are easy to clean, maintain and are hygienic for sanitary purposes. Pumping abrasive slurries with progressing cavity pumps the progressing cavity pump has been well established in the field of abrasive fluid handling. This pcp gathers a lot of advantages including reduced space requirements, reduced life cycle costs, simplified servicing.

Whether it is a large oilfield operator or a small production company the. The stator is a resilient elastomer in a doublehelical configuration molded inside a steel casing. Progressing cavity pumping systems baker hughes, a ge. Jim elsey gives an overview of progressive cavity pumps and the rotating positive displacement pump family. Progressive cavity pumps processflo pump solutions provider. Designed with a highly modular and ecofriendly configuration, the pcm ecomoineau m is the first ecodesigned progressing cavity pump available on the market.

Progressing cavity pump systems nov mono is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of progressing cavity pumps pc pumps and artificial lift solutions worldwide. Nov manufactures mono progressing cavity pumps and pump parts and has a wide product range suitable for the pumping of fluids within the waste water, chemical, food, beverage, paper, mining, mineral processing, marine, agricultural and oil and gas sectors. This forms a series of pockets that traverse the length of the pump, gently pushing fluid from the suction to the discharge in a smooth, pulseless stream. The pump design is ideally suited for both low to high flow applications and also allows for the development of multistage pumps that increase the. Progressive cavity pumps best price progressive cavity. The pumping elements are the rotating eccentric screw. This pump is ideal for handling a wide range of viscosities, sand laden fluids and free gas. Progressing cavity pumps cholet henri wittrisch christian. The 797pcp series progressive cavity pump is designed specifically for industrial dispensing and will provide you with years of. Pcm ecomoineau m energy efficient progressing cavity pump. The stator and rotor work together to lift a wide range of fluid volumes and do a better job handling high water cut, high viscosity, and high solids than most other. Progressive cavity an overview sciencedirect topics. Progressive cavity pumps are used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical processing industries, among others.

Pedro gonzalez is a staff member and understanding the. Rotor stator pumps explained by putzparts24 youtube. Positive displacement pumps allow liquid to flow into an open cavity trap the liquid in the pump transport liquid from the suction to discharge port mechanically force liquid out of the pump. The allweiler progressing cavity pump is a rotary selfpriming positive displacement pump. Esp application in such operating conditions is limited.

They vary in type and design depending on the application. In the june 2008 issue, we turned our attention from centrifugal to positive displacement pumps. This type of action makes it possible to control the flow of the liquid in a manner that ensures that the progress of the. Progressing cavity pumping systems, also called pcp systems, offer artificial lift with low capital investment, high system efficiency, low power consumption, and minimal footprint. The top countries of suppliers are china, india, and taiwan, china, from which the percentage of progressive cavity pump supply is 96%, 3%, and 1% respectively. The pumping elements are the rotating eccentric screw rotor and the. Protecting progressing cavity slurry pumps a progressing cavity pump consists of a single helix metal rotor that turns inside a double helix rubber stator. Mathematical model of controllers for progressive cavity pumps.

Since 1980, progressing cavity pumps have been widely used in the production of heavy oil well containing sand and gas. Progressive cavity pump, eseries technical data sheet. Itt bornemann all progressive cavity pump production moved to argentina itt bornemanns obernkirchen facility is now the center of excellence for twin screw technology, with core competencies in twin screw development, twinscrew pump production and systems engineering including execution of regional turnkey systems. Sealed gear universal joint handles the thrust and radial loads in the toughest applications. Pdf progressive cavity pump curves liberty process equipment.

The main components of a progressive cavity pump are the rotor and stator, which together constitute the. Nemo progressing cavity pumps in fsip design can be used in any area of industry where a great variety of different substances must be pumped or very precisely dosed. This provides a continuous flow while maintaining the integrity of your material. Maintenance and troubleshooting of progressing cavity pumps. Narrative biography jose gamboa is a staff member of research. Seepex is expanding its line of sanitary progressive cavity pumps with the new bcf range. Flux pumps flux drum pumps lutz pumps lutz drum pumps seepex pumps seepex pumps. The progressing cavity pump pcp, invented by rene moineau, is a great innovation for the whole industry, particularly in petroleum production. The nemo by progressing cavity pump is used primarily for substances with the following properties.

Progressive cavity pump spare parts stators, rotors. With the all metal progressing cavity pump, the elastomer is no longer a component of the pump. The first prototypes were successfully tested on a hightemperature loop in 2006. In any crosssectional plane, the stator elements are in contact with one another at three. N series the pumps of this series can be made from cast iron. Click a link below to go to the pump model you require. The device was then being moved by fluid instead of pumping fluid. They demonstrate the ability to maintain a high hydraulic efficiency under variable conditions of temperature and viscosities. With the pump elements being driven by drilling mud or other fluids, it became the prime mover for drill motors. Driven by rod strings from the surface, it is a simple, rugged and cheap equipment. Whether for sludge, chemical substances, adhesives, petroleum or yogurt, we can meet your requirements with the proper combination from our selection of eleven netzsch pump types, four rotorstator geometries and our. Progressive cavity pump, eseries spiral stator enables higher pressure per stage 23lobe elliptic rotor enables higher flow rate 01. They can be used for metering, transfer, and high pressure applications. Progressive cavity pumps in recent years, complicating factors, such as solids content, scaling, high gor, high viscous fluids, low production rates, etc.

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